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Lazy readonly property in swift

While playing a little bit with Swift I tried to write a readonly and lazy initialized property. I quickly wrote that line of code just to learn that it's not allowed.

// no valid Swift code.
lazy let foo : Int = { return 42 }()

You have to declare lazy properties as
The swift book clearly states that let with lazy is not possible for a good reason:

“You must always declare a lazy property as a variable (with the var keyword), because its initial value might not be retrieved until after instance initialization completes. Constant properties must always have a value before initialization completes, and therefore cannot be declared as lazy.”

Supposing I would like to have a readonly lazy property in swift. Whats the best way to archive that?

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If readonly and private are synonyms for you in this specific case, then you can make the setter private by explicitly declaring it:

private(set) lazy var foo : Int = { return 42 }()

That's a good compromise between immutability and laziness.