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Spring JUnit: How to Mock autowired component in autowired component

I've got a Spring component I'd like to test and this component has an autowired attribute which I need to change for the purpose of unit testing. The problem is, that the class uses the autowired component inside the post-construct method so I'm not able to replace it(i.e. via ReflectionTestUtils) before it's actually used.

How should I do that?

This is the class I want to test:

public final class TestedClass{

private Resource resource;

private void init(){
//I need this to return different result

And this is the base of a test case:

@ContextConfiguration(locations= "classpath:applicationContext.xml")
public class TestedClassTest{

private TestedClass instance;

private void setUp(){
//this doesn't work because it's executed after the bean is instantiated
ReflectionTestUtils.setField(instance, "resource", new Resource("something"));

Is there some way to replace the resource with something else before the postconstruct method is invoked? Like to tell Spring JUnit runner to autowire different instance?

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You can provide a new testContext.xml in which the @Autowired bean you define is of the type you need for your test.

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