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Spark 2.0 Scala - RDD.toDF()

I am working with Spark 2.0 Scala. I am able to convert an RDD to a DataFrame using the toDF() method.

val rdd = sc.textFile("/pathtologfile/logfile.txt")
val df = rdd.toDF()

But for the life of me I cannot find where this is in the API docs. It is not under RDD. But it is under DataSet (link 1). However I have an RDD not a DataSet.

Also I can't see it under implicits (link 2).

So please help me understand why toDF() can be called for my RDD. Where is this method being inherited from?


It's coming from here:

Spark 2.0 API

Explanation: if you import sqlContext.implicits._, you have a method to convert RDD to DataSetHolder (rddToDataSetHolder), then you call toDF on the DataSetHolder