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Can't load AVD of api 22

Long story short: I'm trying to run an AVD with api level 22, Nexus 5, CPU (tried all 3 options - ARM, Intel Atom x86, Intel Atom x86_64), 2048 RAM, 1 GB internal memory, 500MB SD card, using host gpu.

And it takes the emulator about 20-30 minutes to load, and after every click takes about 10 seconds to respond, and also the resolution is a shit, the icon are getting on top of each other.

It happens only with high api level, if I'm using api level 19 it works a lot faster.. But I need api level 22 for using nativescript.

Long story:
I developed in the past for android using Java (with eclipse) and phoneGap and cordova.

But java isn't working for ios and phoneGap performance isn't like a native app.

So I searched and find NativeSctipt that supposed to build native apps in the final product.
I wanted to try it but it needs to be on api 22 and for some reason the emulator is not working good at all when using this api level.

Also I searched and I didn't find a way to connect another AVD to develop,
I wanted to connect one called Andyroid, but I couldn't connect it.

I don't wanna use Genymotion as it's not free for commercial use.

Hope you can help.


screenshot of my installed HAXM

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I think that your computer is not compatible with VT-x/HAXM technology or you haven't already installed.

Open your Android Sdk manager.

  1. Go to your android-sdk directory and choose tools folder.
  2. Run android file.
  3. Check if HAXM is installed

enter image description here

If it isn't installed try to install and check if it would show error dialog like 'your PC doesn't support VT-x technology'

If you're running Linux, you would need to install KVM. Here you would find instruction how to do it:

Check if Hyper-V is running (only Windows)

If you're using Windows check this and DISABLE Hyper-V if it is enabled

After that try to install HAXM/KVM again.

Hope it help

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