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android reduce file size for camera captured image to be less than 500 kb

My requirement is to upload camera captured image to the server, but it should be less than 500 KB. In case, if it is greater than 500 KB, it needs to be reduced to the size less than 500 KB (but somewhat closer to it)

For this, I am using the following code -

public void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {
try {
super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data);
if (resultCode == getActivity().RESULT_OK) {

if (requestCode == REQUEST_CODE_CAMERA) {

try {

photo = MediaStore.Images.Media.getBitmap(
ctx.getContentResolver(), capturedImageUri);
String selectedImagePath = getRealPathFromURI(capturedImageUri);

img_file = new File(selectedImagePath);

Log.d("img_file_size", "file size in KBs (initially): " + (img_file.length()/1000));

if(CommonUtilities.isImageFileSizeGreaterThan500KB(img_file)) {
photo = CommonUtilities.getResizedBitmapLessThan500KB(photo, 500);
photo = CommonUtilities.getCorrectBitmap(photo, selectedImagePath);


img_file = new File(ctx.getCacheDir(), "image.jpg");

//Convert bitmap to byte array
ByteArrayOutputStream bytes = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
photo.compress(Bitmap.CompressFormat.JPEG, 100, bytes);

//write the bytes in file
FileOutputStream fo = new FileOutputStream(img_file);

// remember close de FileOutput
Log.d("img_file_size", "file size in KBs after image manipulations: " + (img_file.length()/1000));

} catch (Exception e) {
Logs.setLogException(class_name, "onActivityResult(), when captured from camera", e);


} catch (Exception e) {
Logs.setLogException(class_name, "onActivityResult()", e);
} catch (OutOfMemoryError e) {
Logs.setLogError(class_name, "onActivityResult()", e);



public static Bitmap getResizedBitmapLessThan500KB(Bitmap image, int maxSize) {
int width = image.getWidth();
int height = image.getHeight();

float bitmapRatio = (float)width / (float) height;
if (bitmapRatio > 0) {
width = maxSize;
height = (int) (width / bitmapRatio);
} else {
height = maxSize;
width = (int) (height * bitmapRatio);
Bitmap reduced_bitmap = Bitmap.createScaledBitmap(image, width, height, true);
if(sizeOf(reduced_bitmap) > (500 * 1000)) {
return getResizedBitmap(reduced_bitmap, maxSize);
} else {
return reduced_bitmap;

To rotate the image, if needed.

public static Bitmap getCorrectBitmap(Bitmap bitmap, String filePath) {
ExifInterface ei;
Bitmap rotatedBitmap = bitmap;
try {
ei = new ExifInterface(filePath);

int orientation = ei.getAttributeInt(ExifInterface.TAG_ORIENTATION,
Matrix matrix = new Matrix();
switch (orientation) {
case ExifInterface.ORIENTATION_ROTATE_90:
case ExifInterface.ORIENTATION_ROTATE_180:
case ExifInterface.ORIENTATION_ROTATE_270:

rotatedBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(bitmap, 0, 0, bitmap.getWidth(), bitmap.getHeight(), matrix, true);
} catch (IOException e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block
return rotatedBitmap;

Here is the output of the image file size initially and after all the operations to reduce file size.

img_file_size﹕ file size in KBs (initially): 3294

img_file_size﹕ file size in KBs after image manipulations: 235

See the difference above (in the output). The initial file size without those operations, and after those compression and other operations. I need that size to be somewhat closer to 500 kb.

The above code is working somewhat fine for me, as it is reducing the image file size to make it less than 500 KB.

But, the following are the issues with the above code -

  • This code is reducing the file size even if its less than 500 KB

  • In case it is more than 500 KB, the reduced file size becomes too less from 500 KB, , though I need it somewhat closer.

I need to get rid off above 2 issues. So, need to know what should I manipulate in the above code.

As I also want to correct the EXIF-orientation (rotated images), along with my above mentioned requirement.

Answer Source

You can check size before Resizing if the bitmap is larger than 500kb in size then resize it .

Also for making larger bitmap nearer to 500kb size, check the difference between size and compress accordingly .

 if(sizeOf(reduced_bitmap) > (500 * 1024)) {
                    return getResizedBitmap(reduced_bitmap, maxSize, sizeOf(reduced_bitmap));
                } else {
                    return reduced_bitmap;

and in resize Bitmap calculate the difference in size and compress accordingly

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