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Problems with attach() in R

i have a list in R, which i attached.

> attach(myList)
> summary(myList)
Length Class Mode
grData 3 data.frame list
maxDate 1 POSIXct numeric
query 1 -none- character
newData 3 data.frame list
updateQuery 1 -none- function

Okay, my list is really attached

> search()
[1] ".GlobalEnv" "myList" "package:xlsx" "package:xlsxjars"
[5] "package:rJava" "package:quantmod" "package:TTR" "package:xts"
[9] "package:zoo" "package:tidyr" "package:stringr" "package:RPostgreSQL"
[13] "package:DBI" "package:dplyr" "tools:rstudio" "package:stats"
[17] "package:graphics" "package:grDevices" "package:utils" "package:datasets"
[21] "package:methods" "Autoloads" "package:base"

grData data frame from my list has 11 rows:

> summary(myList$grData)
date application_id value
Min. :2016-10-01 Min. : 7.0 Min. : 5769
1st Qu.:2016-10-01 1st Qu.: 9.5 1st Qu.: 33113
Median :2016-10-01 Median :12.0 Median : 65821
Mean :2016-10-01 Mean :22.0 Mean :106336
3rd Qu.:2016-10-01 3rd Qu.:37.5 3rd Qu.:108861
Max. :2016-10-01 Max. :49.0 Max. :507376

But when i try to call grData without myList, i get data frame with 0 rows

> summary(grData)
date application_id value
Min. :NA Min. : NA Min. : NA
1st Qu.:NA 1st Qu.: NA 1st Qu.: NA
Median :NA Median : NA Median : NA
Mean :NA Mean :NaN Mean :NaN
3rd Qu.:NA 3rd Qu.: NA 3rd Qu.: NA
Max. :NA Max. : NA Max. : NA

UPD. There is no grData object in globalEnv

> ls()
[1] "checkDbLag" "con" "i" "newDate" "myList" "updateQuery"
[7] "x"

Where could be problem?

Answer Source

The use of attach() is actually not recommended by many R style guides (like because it can lead to wrong results.

As suggested by you have three better options:

  1. Reference variables directly (e.g. lm(ds$x ~ ds$y))
  2. Specify the dataframe for commands which support this (e.g. lm(y ~ x, data=ds))
  3. Use the with() function, which returns the value of whatever expression is evaluated (e.g. with(ds,lm(y ~x))) (Also note the within() function, which is similar to with(), but returns a modified object.)

If you still want to use attach() even given all the alternatives, I suggest you provide a fully reproducible example. By reading your code it seems that you are providing an incomplete output (one time you reference your list as myList, other you reference it as RollingMau).

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