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Swift Question

swift json null check

I'm poor at swift yet. (also English! Sorry!)

to check null in decoded json dictionary.

here is working code after search some tips.
but I think this code is very bad.

any idea to make this gorgeous code ?

var v_desc = ""
var v_sword = ""
var v_sortk = 0
for (_, value) in api_result {
if let ch_descr = value["description"] as? String {
v_desc = ch_descr
} else {
v_desc = ""
if let ch_sword = value["search_word"] as? String {
v_sword = ch_sword
} else {
v_sword = ""
if let ch_sortk = value["sort_key"] as? Int {
v_sortk = ch_sortk
} else {
v_sortk = 0

self.cell_data.append(aps_tag(catg_UID: value["ctag_UID"] as! Int, set_code: value["set_code"] as! Int, title: value["title"] as! String, description: v_desc, search_word: v_sword, nums: value["nums"] as! Int, sort_key: v_sortk))


Answer Source

Gorgeous is subjective but you can make it more concise with the nil-coalescing operator (??):

for (_, value) in api_result {
    let catg_UID = value["ctag_UID"] as! Int
    let set_code = value["set_code"] as! Int
    let title    = value["title"] as! String
    let nums     = value["nums"] as! Int

    let v_desc   = value["description"] as? String ?? ""
    let v_sword  = value["search_word"] as? String ?? ""
    let v_sortk  = value["sort_key"] as? Int ?? 0

    let aps_tag  = aps_tag(catg_UID: catg_UID, set_code: set_code, title: title, description: v_desc, search_word: v_sword, nums: nums, sort_key: v_sortk)

Another thing: those snake_case variable and function names remind me a lot of C/C++. Doesn't look very Swifty to me but it's a personal preference.

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