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How we can Remove Dynamically added Fragments from layout

Can any one help me.
I have a Fragment say FRAGMENT A and am adding it to a layout dynamically...Suppose i have added 3 instance of FRAGMENT A to that layout.Then How i can Remove that 3 Fragment instance programmatically.I tried google searches and also another stackoverflow threads but they are not working..

PLease help me

Thank you

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it's actually pretty simple:

let's say you added the fragment like this:

fragmentTransac.add(, fragA);

instead, you'll add it with a TAG too

fragmentTransac.add(, new FragA(), "first");
// then the other
fragmentTransac.add(, new FragA(), "second");

then to remove:

Fragment f = getFragmentManager().findFragmentByTag("first");
if(f!=null) fragmentTransac.remove(f);

happy coding =]

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