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ASP.NET (C#) Question

safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding

I have one page which takes some time to load in asp.net website. It works with all Android OS, all MAC OS, all iOS except iOS with version with safari browser

When I am trying to load same page with safari in iOS, it throws 'safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding'.

I know the reason for this error is, my page is taking time. But my page is already optimized and it has so many things, that's why it is taking time.

I want to prevent my page from this error in
I tried all the possible ways to solve this issue like :

  1. Clear cookie and browsing data

  2. Added to DNS server

  3. Airplane mode on-off

  4. iPhone restart

But nothing helps.

Please help me to figure out this issue.

Answer Source

I found that iOS has default timeout approx 1 minute. My page was taking more than 1 minute to load. That's why safari assumed that server is not responding and it was throwing that message.

I did not get any setting or anything to extend timeout limit of safari. At the end I optimized my code.

I am using telerik rad grid in my page and its MasterTableView's property named 'HierarchyLoadMode' was set as 'client'. I changed it to 'ServerOnDemand'.

That solved my issue by reducing page load time.
1) 'Client' loads grid data at the time of page load.
2) 'ServerOnDemand' loads grid data at the time of grid expanding

My page load time has been reduced and safari stopped throwing message.
If you are using telerik rad grid, I hope this will help you.

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