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Swift Question

Adding NSAttributedString to CloudKit

I need to add some

settings for text to CloudKit container.

In CoreData I'm using Atribute type "Transformable". When I'm trying to add
to CloudKit I have a warning message in my console log:

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'Objects of class NSConcreteMutableAttributedString cannot be set on CKRecord'

Can I transform my
to some type which CloudKit accepts and in which one?

Answer Source

As seen in the documentation for CKRecord, you can only store a limited set of data types. Given the possible types, your best option would be to convert the NSAttributedString to NSData. This can be done using an NSKeyedArchiver. Then when you read the data back from CloudKit, you can convert the NSData back to the original NSAttributedString using NSKeyedUnarchiver.

Please see for an answer that shows how to go back and forth between NSAttributedString and NSData. (actually that answer uses NSMutableAttributedString). And of course you would put/get the NSData into/from a CKRecord instead of NSUserDefaults.

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