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What is best method to detect user typing at server side code. In web based chat app?

I'am now developing web based chat like (example: startdevelop livehelp, zopim, etc) . I want to add

that show both of
"typing.. / is writing a message.."

I have insert jquery change/keyup function. But then? what should i do. Insert value that user "is typing" to database? and client browser always check in interval.

I think, that way can make server busy.

Is there better solution?

Thank you

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If you have a form with some elements:

<input type='text' id='textField' />
<textarea id='textarea'></textarea>

You can detect typing with:

$('#textField').change(function() {
    //report to the server


$('#textarea').keyup(function() {
    //report to the server

How your application handles and displays the 'typing' status is entirely dependent upon your application and database. My suggestion would be to use the typing events to trigger a database insert like this:

UPDATE tbl_chatrooms SET typingmoment = NOW() WHERE chatID = :chatID AND userID = :userID;

Then, your AJAX running at an interval would make a request to the server which would return data from a query that looks like this:

SELECT userID, IF(typingmoment > NOW() - INTERVAL 10 SECOND, 1, 0) AS typing FROM tbl_chatrooms WHERE chatID = :chatID;

Basically, this will return a 1 or a 0 for each user in the chat based upon whether they have typed anything in the last 10 seconds. You'd probably run your interval at 5 seconds or so.

Edit: This handles the basics, but as it sits, someone typing a 100 character message would end up sending 100 ajax requests to the server. Best to set a flag, then report to the server at an interval.

Something else to consider is to make sure your interval calls kill any active previous calls. Set the ajax call to a window. global variable, then you can abort it at the next interval, in case it's still running. That way, if there is a hiccup in your internet connection, or your internet connection is slow, you don't have a whole bunch of ajax requests piling up on a schedule. Have a look at this question to see how to cancel requests.

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