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C Program automatically rounds

I'm learning C currently, and when I was making a program to calculate the area of a circle, I assigned "3.1415926535" to a constant float Pi. When I used it in my program as areaCircle = Pi * radius * radius, where radius was an integer and areaCircle was a float, the program printed out something like "7.000000".

EDIT: This is the code, if you guys need it:

int length,breadth,radius,perimeter,areaRectangle;
float circumference,areaCircle;
const int PI = 3.14159265358979323846264338327;
printf("Enter the length and breadth of the rectangle: \n");
scanf("%d %d",&length,&breadth);
perimeter = 2*(length+breadth);
areaRectangle = length*breadth;
printf("The perimeter of the rectangle with length %d and breadth %d\nwill be %d and its area will be %d \n",length,breadth,perimeter,areaRectangle);

printf("Enter the radius of the circle: \n");
circumference = PI*2*radius;
areaCircle = PI*radius*radius;
printf("The circumference of a circle with radius %d is %f and its area is %f\n",radius,circumference,areaCircle);

Answer Source

In the code you posted you have declared PI as an int. Try:

const float PI = 3.14159265358979323846264338327;
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