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JSON Question

JSON index out of range

I'm currently trying to process some JSON but it's given me an error saying that "Index 0 out of range [0..0)" the affected line is the one that is commented out.

JSONObject parentObject3 = new JSONObject(finalJSON3);
JSONArray parentArray3 = parentObject3.getJSONArray("players");
//JSONObject finalObject3 = parentArray3.getJSONObject(0);

tempGameBans = finalObject3.getInt("NumberOfBans");
tempVacBans = finalObject3.getInt("NumberOfMutes");;

Here is my JSON:

"players": [
"userID": "5648131",
"NumberOfBans": 0,
"NumberOfMutes": 1,


Edit: Currently I am only looking for 1 object per JSON URL so the Index should always be 0, unlike the possible duplicate which seems to be looking for multiple objects.

Edit 2: I found out what the issue is and it's due to the JSON not being correctly sent from my server. Thanks for the help anyway guys.

Answer Source

You are calling some attribute either not in the JsonObject or the attribute value at that specified index doesn't exist.

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