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Python Question

Python - export fields to a CSV

for i in tweets_df.ix[:,0]:
if regex_getter(i) != None:
city,state = regex_getter(i).split(',')

I am essentially just trying to write city and state to csv. Print city and state prints exactly what i have below minus the headers

my csv should look like

City State
Burlington VT
Minneapolis MN
Bloomington IN
Irvine CA

Answer Source

You can use the csv module to do this:

writerow will take an iterable and write each item in the iterable in a separate column.

import csv
with open("test.csv", "w", newline='') as csvfile:
     writer = csv.writer(csvfile)
     #write header, or something
     for i in tweets_df.ix[:,0]:
          if regex_getter(i) != None:
              data = regex_getter(i).split(',')
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