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Implode function doesn't store data as expected

I have already posted this but finally I didn't figure this out.I have a php form with some checkboxes (some of them are enabled and some disabled). Each of these has an id (id1=1, id2=2, id3=3, ...) which comes from database.

So when I submit the form I want to store these id's in a database table like this: if I choose only the 1st checkbox which has id=1 I should store '1' on my table and if I choose 1st and 3rd I should store '1, 3'. The problem is that I choose only the 1st and the stored data is '1, 2, 3, 4' because I have 4 checkboxes ENABLED.

PHP form :

<form method='post' action='insert.php'>

while($row_select4 = $stmt_select4->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)){

if($form_points>=$row_select4['points']) {

$points = $row_select4['points'];

echo '

<div class="feed-activity-list"><div style="border: 0.5px solid green; border-right-style:none;" class="input-group m-b"><span class="input-group-addon">
<input type="checkbox" onclick="enable_form();" id="checkbox" name="opt[]" value="'.$points.'"></span>
<input type="hidden" name="opt2[]" value="'.$row_select4['id'].'">

<div class="feed-element">
<a href="profile.html" class="pull-left">
<img alt="image" class="img-circle" src="'. $row_select4['image_url']. '"

<button type="submit" id="submit" name="eksasrgirwsh" class="btn btn-w-m btn-primary">ΕΞΑΡΓΥΡΩΣΗ</button>

IMPLODE before insertion :


foreach ($_POST['opt2'] as $value) {
$gift = $_POST['opt2'];

$sliced = array_slice($gift, 0, -1);
$gift_id = implode(", ", $sliced);

And I store $gift_id in the table..

Check :


$total_points = 0;
$points = array_values($_POST['opt']);

foreach ($points as $value) {
$total_points += $value;
echo $total_points;

$gift_ids = '';
$gift = array_keys($_POST['opt']);

foreach ($gift as $key => $value) {
$gift_ids = $value;
$gift_ids2 = implode(", ", $gift_ids);
echo $gift_ids2;


Answer Source

Instead of using separate hidden controls to store the ids, use the name property of the checkboxes to do this:

<input type="checkbox" onclick="enable_form();" id="checkbox" name="opt['. $row_select4['id'].']" value="'.$points.'"></span>

The name of a checkbox will be like name="opt[3]" for id 3 record.

In the php script processing the form submission array_keys($_POST['opt']) will give you the gift ids, while array_values($_POST['opt']) will return the points. You will know which point is associated with which gift id because the keys of the $_POST['opt'] are the gift ids.

Pls also note that storing multiple values in a comma separated string in a single field is not really considered a good practice. You should normalise your data structure and store the separate values in separate records.

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