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eclipse: delete .jar in java build path or change path from E: to F:

Im working on a Java project on a Win10 Laptop, in which I added external archives. I located my Workspace on a USB-Stick.
Those work fine on my Laptop.

On my Win 10 PC there is the "Problem":

Project '' is missing required library: 'E:\jar.jar'

E:\ is a disk-drive on my PC

Now I tried to add the same external archive again, but that does not solve it.
I want to either delete the path-reference or move it, so it works again.

(I also work on this project on Linux, but I dont program on the same workspace (I copypaste the code between them) and I know that on Linux you mount a USB-Stick like a CD, which may also have caused the prolem.)

Answer Source
Project => Properties => Java Build Path => Libraries => Add JAR ...
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