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Is it possible to embed Youtube/Vimeo videos in Markdown using a C# Markdown library

I'm writing a web app in .NET MVC4 and would like to use Markdown. I understand there are a few open source C# Markdown libraries, but I haven't found one that obviously supports embedding youtube or Vimeo videos inside Markdown text.

Does anyone know if it's possible?

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The Solution using Standard Markdown ( not iFrame! )

Using an iframe is not the "obvious" solution... especially if the Markdown parser (or publishing platform) you are using does not support inlining content from a different website ... Instead you can "fake it" by including a valid linked-image in your Markdown file, using this format:

[![IMAGE ALT TEXT](]( "Video Title")

Explanation of the Markdown

If this markdown snippet looks complicated, break it down into two parts:

an image
![image alt text](http//
wrapped in a link
[link text](http// "link title")

Example using Valid Markdown and YouTube Thumbnail:

Everything Is AWESOME

We are sourcing the thumbnail image directly from YouTube and linking to the actual video, so when the person clicks the image/thumbnail they will be taken to the video.


[![Everything Is AWESOME](]( "Everything Is AWESOME")

OR If you want to give readers a visual cue that the image/thumbnail is actually a playable video, take your own screenshot of the video in YouTube and use that as the thumbnail instead.

Example using Screenshot with Video Controls as Visual Cue:

Everything Is AWESOME


[![Everything Is AWESOME](]( "Everything Is AWESOME")

 Clear Advantages

While this requires a couple of extra steps (a) taking the screenshot of the video and (b) uploading it so you can use the image as your thumbnail it does have 3 clear advantages:

  1. The person reading your markdown (or resulting html page) has a visual cue telling them they can watch the video (video controls encourage clicking)
  2. You can chose a specific frame in the video to use as the thumbnail (thus making your content more engaging)
  3. You can link to a specific time in the video from which play will start when the linked-image is clicked. (in our case from 35 seconds)

Taking a screenshot takes

Not Only C#

And since this is 100% Standard markdown, it works everywhere (not just for the C# parser!) ... try it on GitHub, Redit or Ghost!


This approach also works with Vimeo videos


Little red ridning hood


[![Little red ridning hood](]( "Little red riding hood - Click to Watch!")


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