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CSS Question

Are there any Chrome-specific techniques to scope/isolate CSS?

I'm writing a Chrome extension that injects HTML into a displayed page. I want the injected HTML to have it's own style, protected from the CSS that may be present in the host page.

I've tried using conventional CSS, and still suffer from style corruption from the host page.

After watching the Polymer presentation from I/O 15, I was wondering if there are any new, Chrome-specific techniques that I can use to achieve this?

Answer Source

What you will want to look into is shadow-dom. This will enable you to create a widget/component (which would be your injected html). This would mean that the DOM tree for the widget/component is encapsulated and no external styles from the page will affect it. There is a good article on html5rocks covering this. You may also want to look into WebComponents. Bear in mind that this functionality is only available in the latest browser versions.

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