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Opencart product import image is not working

Hy all,

I'm working on an import of more than 30.000 products from an old webshop system to my OpenCart application.

I've got the categories working, and the products, but there is only 1 thing that i can't fix. That is that there's no image.

I've uploaded all images in


In the database, it is inserted:

I've confirmed that that image exist, but when i check the front-end page, there are no images. Also when i check the back-end, i don't see any image linked to the product.

So my question is, what wrong I have done? Why isn't the image linked to the product, although i inserted the link in the database...

Answer Source

The path to the image in the database should only be


as OpenCart will build the path like

DIR_IMAGE . 'old/tt_productsv2/images/greatest.jpg'

where DIR_IMAGE is defined like

define('DIR_IMAGE', '/path/to/web/root/image/');
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