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R Question

Adding tapply to a column

I have a data frame with 2 columns: 'sales' and 'month'. I want to add a column that ranks the sales within each month. Does anyone know what's the most succinct way of doing so? I'm thinking of 'tapply' but it gives me a list and I can't add it back to the data frame (easily or succinctly).

Sales Month Rank
100 1 3
200 2 1
300 3 1
150 1 2
220 1 1

100 is third place amongst sales that belong to month 1 while 220 is first place for month 1.

Answer Source

We can use ave from base R to create the column

df1$Rank <- with(df1, ave(-Sales, Month, FUN = rank))
#[1] 3 1 1 2 1

Or another succinct and efficient option is data.table. Convert the 'data.frame' to 'data.table' (setDT(df1)), grouped by 'Month', we assign (:=) the rank of 'Sales' to create 'Rank'

setDT(df1)[, Rank := rank(-Sales) , Month]
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