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Python Question

Multiple http get and post

The task is:

1)send an http get to url based on a parameter
2)Modify the response based on the same parameter
3)send an http post to url based on the same parameter

I am currently doing this through requests library, but it takes a lot of time to do this one by one and it can be upto 20,000.

I tried
but for some reason it hangs after sending 5000-10000 get and post.

I read about grequest but it says there
Order of these responses does not map to the order of the requests you send out.
.I need the order as i have to modify each reponse based on the get i sent.

What is the best option here?I have read about
too but as i have messed up my first approach with
i want to be sure before getting onto it again

Answer Source

Here is a solution that allows you to use grequest's imap (which is theoretically faster than grequest's map function) and know an index to map a response to a request. Credit to a question asked on the project's GitHub issues.

from functools import partial

def callback(index, response, **kwargs):
    response.image_index = index

rs = [
        callback=partial(callback, index)
    for index, url in enumerate(urls)

You should be able to tailor this to suit your needs.

EDIT: I used this successfully with hooks.

        url,hooks={'response': partial(process_response, index)})
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