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How can you find out the version of xlC installed on AIX box

So this should be quite simple but just want to see if I got it right.

I am trying to find out what version of xlC compiler is installed on AIX box.

I tried xlC -v/xlc --version which is not supported by the compiler.

I tried lslpp -L | grep xlC

I get following output but it confuses me (i am releatively new to UNIX world)

xlC.adt.include C F C Set ++ Application
xlC.aix50.rte C F C Set ++ Runtime for AIX 5.0
xlC.cpp C F C for AIX Preprocessor
xlC.msg.en_US.cpp C F C for AIX Preprocessor
xlC.msg.en_US.rte C F C Set ++ Runtime
xlC.rte C F C Set ++ Runtime

This is list on installed packages on box but whats the significance of listing .cpp file.

And which version is on my box?

6.0 or 8.0


Answer Source

Try xlC -qversion

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