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TypeScript Question

Visual Studio 2013 with Angular2 and Typescript

I'm using the angular2 QUICKSTART and I have a problem where Visual Studio don't recognize Angular2 with typescript import Modules, in rest all it's fine:

enter image description here

It says:

Cannot find module 'angular2/platform/browser'

My app :

  • is compiling .ts files without errors

  • it runs in browser without errors

  • if I open the project in VS code it works fine, no errors in IDE

I know that typescript should read .d.ts file directly from node_modules --> angular2, but anyway I tried to add angular2 DefinitelyTyped and still not worked.

Atm I use VS 2013 update 5 with typescript 1.5 installed (I also tried with 1.75)

Answer Source

Solved by using Visual Studio 2015.

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