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Visual Basic .NET Chart not avaliable

I am trying to put a chart in my VB .NET program however it isn't available as an option from the toolkit.

This is the picture of the toolkit, the chart option isn't available:

enter image description here

I've selected in within the choose option list within the setting for the toolbox so I'm not sure why it's not displaying as the two options are both selected:

enter image description here

Funny thing is I can create a chart perfectly fine in Visual Studio Express 2010, I'm able to see the option for it in the toolkit. However I've been instructed to create the program in VS 2015 so would prefer to resolve this if possible. Thanks

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If you look closely at your second screenshot you'll see that it says Version: for the selected chart control. In .NET this usually refers to the .NET Framework version used, and thus required, by the class. If you target a framework version lower than this you'll not be able to find the control in the tool box.

It also says .NET 4.0 in the Chart class documentation:

.NET Framework
Available since 4.0

Note: New items are added to the bottom of the category that you initially right-clicked on/in. So unless you, after that, right-click and choose Sort Items Alphabetically they'll be at the very bottom of the category.

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