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Node.js Question

What is the --save option for npm install?

I saw some tutorial where the command was:

npm install --save

What does the
option mean?

Not able to find the answer on Google.

Answer Source

By default, NPM simply installs a package under node_modules. When you're trying to install dependencies for your app/module, you would need to first install them, and then add them (along with the appropriate version number) to the dependencies section of your package.json.

The --save option instructs NPM to include the package inside of the dependencies section of your package.json automatically, thus saving you an additional step.

In addition, there are the complementary options --save-dev and --save-optional which save the package under devDependencies and optionalDependencies, respectively. This is useful when installing development-only packages, like grunt or your testing library.

It's documented in the documentation for npm install

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