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wildcard character using like operator

I have a problem using "like" operator.

I want to find strings, in a table, like "Address #123" or "Address #56778" or "Address #2b". So, I wrote this in my code:

If m_Table.Rows(i).Item("NOTE").ToString Like "*ADDRESS #*" Then

But, the code reads the "#" as a wildcard, not a simple character.

How can I rewrite my code to make it read the # as a simple character, not a wildcard?

Answer Source

You can escape the special characters [ ? # * by enclosing them in square brackets [ ]. For more information see the Like Operator reference.

If m_Table.Rows(i).Item("NOTE").ToString Like "*ADDRESS [#]*" Then

Another option is to use StartsWith, EndsWith or Contains methods of the string class instead.

If m_Table.Rows(i).Item("NOTE").ToString().Contains("ADDRESS #") Then
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