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Python Question

Statistics: combinations in Python

I need to compute combinatorials (nCr) in Python but cannot find the function to do that in

libraries. Something like a function of the type:

comb = calculate_combinations(n, r)

I need the number of possible combinations, not the actual combinations, so
does not interest me.

Finally, I want to avoid using factorials, as the numbers I'll be calculating the combinations for can get too big and the factorials are going to be monstrous.

This seems like a REALLY easy to answer question, however I am being drowned in questions about generating all the actual combinations, which is not what I want. :)

Many thanks


See scipy.misc.comb. When exact is False, it uses the gammaln function to obtain good precision without taking much time. In the exact case it returns an arbitrary-precision integer, which might take a long time to compute.