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Ruby Question

How to filter results by their associations when using PG search gem?

I am using PG search gem in my Rails app. Say I get a set of articles in my controller:

@articles =[:search]).with_pg_search_highlight

the problem with PG search here is that I get back an array, instead of AR object. So now I cannot do something like

@research_articles = @articles.where(category: 'research')

Because I will get a

undefined method `where' for Array

Now I can make several queries from that one action, but what would be a better solution to this problem?

Answer Source

What about changing the chain?

@articles = Article.where(category: 'research').search(params[:search]).with_pg_search_highlight


A way without making 2 queries would be:

@found_articles =[:search]).with_pg_search_highlight
@research_articles = { |article| article.category == "research" }
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