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Unable to use a variable within a "sh clause" in a Jenkins pipeline, what could be the reason?

I'm writing a Jenkins pipeline.

I'd like to set the GRADLE_USER_HOME variable with the

current directory/.gradle
and so I'm populating the cwd variable with the
function which is supposed to return the current working directory.

stage 'Host preparation'
cwd = pwd()
withCredentials([ // Use Jenkins credentials ID of artifactory
[$class: 'UsernamePasswordMultiBinding', credentialsId: artifactory_creds, usernameVariable: 'A_USER', passwordVariable: 'A_PASS'],
sh """
export NDK_VER="r12b"
export SDK_VER="r24.4.1"
export GRADLE_USER_HOME='${cwd}/.gradle'
echo "CWD OK"
export NDK_DIR='$GRADLE_USER_HOME/android-ndk-$NDK_VER'
export SDK_DIR='$GRADLE_USER_HOME/android-sdk-linux'
export PATH='$PATH:$GRADLE_USER_HOME:$GRADLE_USER_HOME/android-ndk-$NDK_VER:$GRADLE_USER_HOME/android-sdk-linux'
if [ ! -d $GRADLE_USER_HOME ]; then

if [ ! -f "$GRADLE_USER_HOME/android-sdk-${SDK_VER}-linux.tgz" ]; then
curl -o "$GRADLE_USER_HOME/android-sdk-${SDK_VER}-linux.tgz"$SDK_VER-linux.tgz

if [ ! -f "$GRADLE_USER_HOME/android-ndk-${NDK_VER}" ]; then # Checks if the sdk tarball exists on system
curl -o "$GRADLE_USER_HOME/android-ndk-${NDK_VER}"$

if [ ! -d "$GRADLE_USER_HOME/android-ndk-$NDK_VER" ]; then
cd "$GRADLE_USER_HOME" && unzip -o "android-ndk-$"
if [ ! -d "$GRADLE_USER_HOME/android-sdk-linux" ]; then
tar -xzf "$GRADLE_USER_HOME/android-sdk-${SDK_VER}-linux.tgz" -C $GRADLE_USER_HOME
mkdir "$GRADLE_USER_HOME/android-sdk-linux/extras"

echo "Installing updates"
export SDK_TOOLS="${GRADLE_USER_HOME}/android-sdk-linux/tools"
# Downloads the required SDK tools
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 2 # Android SDK Tools, revision 25.2.2 rc1
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 3 # Android SDK Platform-tools, revision 24.0.2
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 4 # Android SDK Build-tools, revision 24.0.2
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 6 # Android SDK Build-tools, revision 24
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 7 # Android SDK Build-tools, revision 23.0.3
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 8 # Android SDK Build-tools, revision 23.0.2
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 10 # Android SDK Build-tools, revision 23 (Obsolete)
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 30 # SDK Platform Android 7.0, API 24, revision 2
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 31 # SDK Platform Android 6.0, API 23, revision 3
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 53 # Android TV Intel x86 Atom System Image, Android API 24, revision 6
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 54 # Android Wear ARM EABI v7a System Image, Android API 24, revision 1
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 55 # Android Wear Intel x86 Atom System Image, Android API 24, revision 1
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 57 # ARM EABI v7a System Image, Android API 24, revision 6
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 58 # Intel x86 Atom_64 System Image, Android API 24, revision 6
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 59 # Intel x86 Atom System Image, Android API 24, revision 6
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 153 # Android Support Repository, revision 36
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 160 # Google Play services, revision 32
# echo "y" | "${SDK_TOOLS}/android" update sdk -u -a -t 161 # Google Repository, revision 32

# Downloads the constraint-layouts files from Artifactory
wget --user=${A_USER} --password=${A_PASS} -O -| tar zfxv - -C "${GRADLE_USER_HOME}/android-sdk-linux/extras/"

But when I run the build, I get the following error:

Entering stage Host preparation
[Pipeline] pwd
[Pipeline] withCredentials
[Pipeline] {
[Pipeline] }
[Pipeline] // withCredentials
[Pipeline] }
[Pipeline] // node
[Pipeline] End of Pipeline
groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: GRADLE_USER_HOME for class: groovy.lang.Binding
at groovy.lang.Binding.getVariable(
at org.jenkinsci.plugins.scriptsecurity.sandbox.groovy.SandboxInterceptor.onGetProperty(
at org.kohsuke.groovy.sandbox.impl.Checker$
at org.kohsuke.groovy.sandbox.impl.Checker.checkedGetProperty(
at org.kohsuke.groovy.sandbox.impl.Checker.checkedGetProperty(

For debugging matters, I've created another build and wrote:

node {
def cwd = pwd()
stage 'itai'
sh """
echo '${cwd}'

And then it works, the cwd variable gets populated with the current working directory. But in my own build it doesn't...

I'm using the pwd() function like that in another part of the pipeline and it works there so I don't understand why it doesn't work here, can you please check to see if you find the issue?

Answer Source

When you put $something or ${something} in your script, groovy will expand it to a variable...

So when you put: $GRADLE_USER_HOME, groovy is trying to expand that from a variable... But you don't have a GRADLE_USER_HOME variable in your groovy script...

What you are trying to do is output $GRADLE_USER_HOME into your shell script.

So you will need to escape the $ whenever it's not for Groovy to handle it...


    export NDK_DIR='\$GRADLE_USER_HOME/android-ndk-\$NDK_VER'

And all the other places you don't want groovy to handle the $