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iOS Question

How to update MPNowPlayingInfoCenter in Swift?

In objective c, I've been using code like this to update MPNowPlayingInfoCenter:

[[MPNowPlayingInfoCenter defaultCenter] setNowPlayingInfo:
@{ MPMediaItemPropertyArtist : @"Artist!",
MPMediaItemPropertyTitle : @"Title! }];

But in Swift, it doesn't seem like the function "setNowPlayingInfo" is recognized:

MPNowPlayingInfoCenter.defaultCenter().... // Can't identify 'setNowPlayingInfo()'

Is there anything I'm missing?

Answer Source

In Swift, getters/setters work differently. Since there are no more properties like in ObjC, there are no automatically generated setters/getters for you. You should just access the variable directly.

In your case, use:

MPNowPlayingInfoCenter.defaultCenter().nowPlayingInfo = [MPMediaItemPropertyArtist : "Artist!",  MPMediaItemPropertyTitle : "Title!"]
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