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getting request parameter in aws lambda

i need to read request parameter from a lambda function.iam configure Body Mapping Templates on my api gateway get method like this

"val1": "$input.params('val1')",
"val2": "$input.params('val2')"

my Lambda function code is

exports.handler = (event, context, callback) => {
// TODO implement

var val1 = require('querystring').parse(event.params.val1);
var val2 = require('querystring').parse(event.params.val2);

callback(null, 'Hello from Lambda' + val1 +'test'+val2);

But when testing my api method, i got error "Process exited before completing request" with log

TypeError: Cannot read property 'val1' of undefined

What is the actual issue related with this setup?

rsp rsp

It means that event.params is undefined.

Shouldn't it be like this?

var val1 = require('querystring').parse(event.val1);
var val2 = require('querystring').parse(event.val2);