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Ajax Question

woocommerce checkout ajax 500 error

I have updated the woocommerce plugin in my site to version 2.6.0 recently and now I am facing a 500 error during checkout and this error message changed as per the payment method.

I have couple of payment methods as

Direct Bank Transfer
Cash On Delivery

When I use
Direct Bank Transfer
I am getting an error message error
Internal Server Error
and in browser console I am able to see the problem is with Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

On the other hand when I user
Cash On Delivery
as payment method I am seeing an error
String could not be parsed as XML

Anyone facing similar issues with woocommerce? not sure if this is because of plugin update or any other function.


I figured it out myself finally. The problem is I messed up with the woocommerce email templates. When I undid all the changed in email templates the order slow started working normally.

During the debug process I noticed that though I get the Internal Server Error the order is getting posted successfully and is visible in woocommerce admin so I was getting the errors all this while due to changed email templates where I failed to pass the order data properly into emails.