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iOS Question

Where do I see the iOS Distribution Provision Profile expiration date with iOS 8?

I have several apps that are using enterprise distribution provision profiles for apps on iOS 8. With previous versions of iOS, I could find the expiration dates of these profiles on my device by going to General -> Profiles... this is no longer the case with iOS 8. How can I see the expiration dates on the profiles on the device? I see the dates on the dev portal but I would like to be able to see this information on the device too since not all the profiles apply for each app/device.

Thank you!


In iOS 8, you can no longer see the profile expiration dates on the device. Unfortunately, Apple is assuming you'll manage the upcoming expirations through some other process. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but Apple has made a concious decision to remove the information from the device Settings app.

In this years device management WWDC talk (at about 42 minutes in), the speaker confirmed this with the following: "Provisioning profiles no longer appear at all in Settings because its handled completely automatically. The device will automatically prune expired provisioning profiles when they are no longer needed."