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Java Question

Eclipse process ends unexpectedly

I've just installed Eclipse Oxygen onto my new laptop using the eclipse installer. When I try to run Eclipse nothing shows up, including the splash screen. When I run it with task manager open I notice that the eclipse process comes up, however, it disappears out of nowhere and nothing ever loads. I've also noticed that while the process is up, it barely uses any resources. Only 0.1% of the RAM. Everything else is 0%.

I've tried running eclipse multiple times. I've reinstalled eclipse, the java jre and the java jdk. Still no progress.

I'm using Eclipse Oxygen with Java JRE 8 Update 101 and Java JDK 8 Update 101. I'm on a 64-bit system and all of my programs are the 64-bit version.
I have added the JDK bin filepath to the path environment variable.

Can anyone help me figure out what is going on.
Thanks =)

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Some logging would be nice here - have you tried starting eclipse using the -consoleLog flag? More details see here.

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