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CSS Question

tinymce icons in internet explorer

I'm using TinyMCE but the images for the icons don't show up in Internet Explorer. I've checked the discussion here, but I'm already doing the necessary code right.

In firebug when I'm using firefox, I can check the CSS and I do see that the image (img/icons.gif) is loading, so it must be loading in IE as well, but the toolbar is still blank. If I roll over the toolbar, I get the right tooltips and can figure out which button it is, which means the buttons in the advacned are working. I think the problem is in CSS.

I'm using the latest jQuery version of TinyMCE, and running IE9. When I try it in compatibility view of IE9, it does show up the icons.

Is there any specific CSS that needs to be tweaked for IE9?

Answer Source

Are you using a responsive layout? If so, try this:

.mceEditor img {
 max-width: none;
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