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jQuery Question

jQuery .last().hide().fadeIn() fading in all items in the list


Why is this hiding, and then fading in all the items in the list instead of just the last one?

Edit: The section of HTML:

<div id="mainbox">
<ul id = "mainlist">


My js appends to the ul with a li, and then it runs the first code shown above.

Answer Source

It's because there's only one element in the list returned by $("#mainlist"). You're selecting the last #mainlist which is your ul.

The .last() method selects the last element in a list of DOM elements, not the last child of the elements selected.

From the jQuery docs:

Given a jQuery object that represents a set of DOM elements, the .last() method constructs a new jQuery object from the last element in that set.

You want something like $('#mainlist li').last().hide().fadeIn(200); instead.

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