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reST (reStructuredText) Question

I want to list all the subfolder inside a container using azure storage api

I have a hierarchy

my container

I want to make a rest request and get the result:

As shown at this link under the section "Delimited Blob List"

But, I am not getting this result instead of i am getting all the resources names as a recursive calls. As though I am not supplying any delimiter.

String to Sign is:

GET /account/mycontainer

x-ms-date:Tue, 07 Feb 2017 05:38:21 GMT

URL I am sending:

In result I am getting:


However based on above mentioned link. The response should be:

</BlobPrefix >

Answer Source

According to your description, I checked Delimited Blob List and tested this method on my side. To simplify this issue, I created a container and set "Container Public Access Level" to "Public read access for container and blobs". Here is the file structure of my blob container:

  • List blobs without specifying the delimeter ('/' by default)


  • List blobs by specifying the delimeter ('/' by default)


According to your stringToSign, the name of delimeter is incorrect, you need to change it to delimiter. For more details, you could refer to List Blobs.

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