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Python Question

Check Box error in wxGlade, Python

I am trying to open a wxg file which I already designed by

and modified months ago that was working very well but now the main wxg does not open and I'm facing with the following error:

enter image description here

Note that this
file opens on other system. I tried to change the version of
from 6.3 which I'm using to 6.5, 6.8 or even 7.
I tried to uninstall all
pip packages
which installed after latest modification. Packages like
and etc however still I have the same error.

I would appreciate for any kind of suggestion.

Answer Source

That's because wxGlade does not find Check list Box component. So what you can do is: put a copy of python code of your check list box plus its libraries in a folder in the following directory,

C:\Users\yourPCname\AppData\Roaming\ .wxglade

Then, create a folder which named widgets

Create a txt file within widgets with the following content:


Now it should works.

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