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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Returning Multiple Files from MVC Action

So I've got an MVC 3 application that has a couple places where a text file gets generated and returned in an action using:

return File(System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(someString),
"text/plain", "Filename.extension");

and this works fabulously. Now i've got a situation where I'm trying to return a pair of files in a similar fashion. On the view, i have an action link like "Click here to get those 2 files" and i'd like both files to be downloaded much like the single file is downloaded in the above code snippet.

How can I achieve this? Been searching around quite a bit and haven't even seen this question posed anywhere...

Answer Source

Building on Yogendra Singh's idea and using DotNetZip:

var outputStream = new MemoryStream();

using (var zip = new ZipFile())
    zip.AddEntry("file1.txt", "content1");
    zip.AddEntry("file2.txt", "content2");

outputStream.Position = 0;
return File(outputStream, "application/zip", "");
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