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Couldn't upload a manifest in azure management portal

I am following the post to develop an application which needs to access the calendar mail and contact API s . I am able to get an id_token . I generated a self signed certificate and have the values for $base64Thumbprint, $base64Value and $keyid. But when i make the changes in the manifest and try to upload it shows an error
"ParameterValidationException=Invalid parameters provided; BadRequestException=One or more properties contains invalid values.;"

"keyCredentials": [
"value":"MIIDLDCCAhagAwIBAgICBNIQK************j0tSzvQmi7DJR0R5gpvii"// have omitted characters in between

may i know where am i going wrong??

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You probably not doing anything wrong. I had this error a few times and in my case it seemed somehow related to the editor putting in some invisible character. Maybe you want to try with a different editor. Give it a try and let me know if you can't get it to work.

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