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Node.js Question

Sass filewatcher for webstorm

I am trying to use sass in a NodeJS project and this is the library I installed with nodejs

I am using webstorm for this project and I can't get the Sass file watcher to work.

enter image description here

Even after I save the filewatcher and click "Ok", the filewatcher does not work. When I open the settings to check what's wrong the filewatcher has been unchecked. Here are the filewatcher settings:

enter image description here

The node-sass module is installed as a global module so the node-sass command works.

Answer Source

Most definitely path to .cmd is wrong as lena and lazy one suggested. Whenever watcher unchecks in Web/Phpstorm its probably because of invalid path. If you still have trouble with node-sass you could always go Ruby way.

  1. Download and install Ruby for Win,
  2. Install Sass via command prompt with gem install sass,
  3. In Web/Phpstorm put "Program" path to sass.bat (remember node-sass.cmd?), e.g. C:\Ruby200\bin\sass.bat
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