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MySQL Question

MySQL split and join the values

I have a table [mapping] with 2 columns similar to below

id | values
1 | 1,2
2 | 1,2,3
3 | 1,1
4 | 1,1,2

and another table [map] is similar to this

sno | values
1 | Test
2 | Hello
3 | Hai

My expected output is

id | values
1 | Test,Hello
2 | Test,Hello,Hai
3 | Test,Test
4 | Test,Test,Hello

Is it possible? If it is please can anybody build a query for me.

Answer Source

You can use MySQL FIND_IN_SET() to join the tables and GROUP_CONCAT() to concat the values :

SELECT s.sno,GROUP_CONCAT(s.values) as `values` 
FROM mapping t
INNER JOIN map s ON(FIND_IN_SET(,t.values))
GROUP BY s.sno

Note: You should know that this is a very bad DB structure. This may lead to a lot more complicated queries and will force you to over complicate things. You should Normalize your data, split it , and place each ID in a separate record!

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