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Java Question

Need to Specifically Learn Scheme Knowing Java and Python

I would like to read SICP but I don't want to fully learn

. I know Java, C#, and Python all very well, so would it be possible to pick up
quickly while still getting the full value out of the book?

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Yes. Just read it, the code is very simple.

(f a b c) means f(a,b,c), and (define (f a b c) ...) means f(a,b,c) { ... }. And, the values, not variables, have types (variables instead are generic pointers to values). That's all. :)

So just by reading the book you'll be able to pick up the Scheme as used in it -- this was the expressed intent of the authors, too.

After reading some, or even before, watch the videos from the 80s. It's great stuff.

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