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Datetime / Timestamp to be handled in PHP-MySQL

Hi I would like to know which one is the best option between datetime and timestamp to be handled in php-mysql. The things I'll need to do will basically be: order by date both ways, and select all the rows with a certain year. Is it even possible? Can I select all the rows with a certain year or month in php-mysql? If so, can you type down the SQL query that would be like

"SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE my_date.year = 2014"
for example? Also please tell me if datetime is better than timestamp and why, thank you all in advance.

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Here is an OOP way of doing what you want, references are below.

namespace Connection;
class Database
    protected $Con;
    public function __construct()
        $this->Con = new PDO("MySQL:host=X;dbname=X", "user", "pass");
    public function GetInstance()
        return $this->Con;

// end class

$sql = "SELECT * FROM Table WHERE DATE_FORMAT(Column, %Y) = 2014";
use Connection;
$smpt = ((new Database)->GetInstance()
foreach ($smpt->fetchAll() as $row):
    echo $row['Column'];

Look at this StackOverflow answer for the difference between DateTime and TimeStamp.


Date Format

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