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Python Question

Is Appengine dispatch.yaml file affecting a specific module version?

I am starting to use modules in my python Google Appengine app.

I managed to test my configuration locally (on the dev server) and everything is working fine.

I want to test my changes on a side version online and didn't find a place that states whether the dispatch configuration will affect only my side version or my main serving version also (that's dangerous).

I know that

is not a version specific file, how about

Is it safe to deploy a side version with a dispatch file?


Answer Source

From Configuration Files:

Optional application-level configuration files (dispatch.yaml, cron.yaml, index.yaml, and queue.yaml) are included in the top level app directory.

So no, you can't test a dispatch.yaml file change without affecting all versions of all your app's services/modules since it's an app-level configuration.

To be able to test app-level config file changes I'm using an entirely separate application as a staging environment.

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