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C# Question

Is it ok to write unit tests for private method for this Expression evaluator class?

I have tho following code

public interface IInterpreter
decimal Evaluate(string expression);

public class Interpreter : IInterpreter
public decimal Evaluate(string expression)
if (String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(expression))
throw new ArgumentException("Parameter " + nameof(expression) + " cannot be empty");

var rpnExpression = ConvertToReversePolishNotation(expression);
return EvaluateReversePolishExpression(rpnExpression);

This class will evaluate expressions like "5+5*6" or "(3-5)*(2+2) +5"

Now i want to write unit tests. The only public function here is
and according to all recomendation only this method should be tested.

The problem is that i have a strong feeling that both
functions have to be covered with unit tests ... If some unit test will fail for
method it will not point me out where is the bug (in
method or in

So the question is - Is it ok in this case to write unit tests for private functions ?

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Refactor the ConvertToReversePolishNotation method to a seperate class. Its concern is conversion.

The concern of the Interpreter is to evaluate. If you 'mock' the output of the conversion it should be easy to test using the public Evaluate method.

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