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New to Android development- what does this line of XML mean?

I am new to programming and trying to learn android development with android studio. I updated Java and tried to update android SDK when it crashed. I finally got the Android SDK update fixed but now I have this error in an app I was working on. It's in the

The error says "cannot resolve this symbol:

Here's the line where the error shows up.

is red. I feel like it's directory tree issue, but I can't tell what the program wants so I can fix it.

Answer Source

Remove .java at the end, and make sure that exists inside the package

What is the purpose of writing that line?


This attribute is typically set on the root element in a layout XML file, and records which activity the layout is associated with (at designtime, since obviously a layout can be used by more than one layout). This will for example be used by the layout editor to guess a default theme, since themes are defined in the Manifest and are associated with activities, not layouts.


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