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POST JSON fails with 415 Unsupported media type, Spring 3 mvc

I am trying to send a POST request to a servlet. Request is sent via jQuery in this way:

var productCategory = new Object();
productCategory.idProductCategory = 1;
productCategory.description = "Descrizione2";

where newCategory is

function newCategory(productCategory)
$.postJSON("ajax/newproductcategory", productCategory, function(
console.debug("Inserted: " + idProductCategory);

and postJSON is

$.postJSON = function(url, data, callback) {
return jQuery.ajax({
'type': 'POST',
'url': url,
'contentType': 'application/json',
'data': JSON.stringify(data),
'dataType': 'json',
'success': callback

With firebug I see that JSON is sent correctly:


But I get 415 Unsupported media type. Spring mvc controller has signature

@RequestMapping(value = "/ajax/newproductcategory", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public @ResponseBody
Integer newProductCategory(HttpServletRequest request,
@RequestBody ProductCategory productCategory)

Some days ago it worked, now it is not. I'll show more code if needed.

Answer Source

I managed out how to make it works. Tell me in case I am wrong. I used only one way to serialize/deserialize: I removed all annotations regarding this (@JSONSerialize and @JSONDeserialize) and registered Serializers and Deserializers in CustomObjectMapper class. I didn't find an article explaining this behaviour but I resolved in this way. Hope it's useful.

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