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How to remove selected commit log entries from a Git repository while keeping their changes?

I would like to remove selected commit log entries from a linear commit tree, so that the entries do not show in the commit log.

My commit tree looks something like:


I would like to remove the B and C entries so that they do not show in the commit log, but changes from A to D should be preserved. Maybe by introducing a single commit, so that B and C become BC and the tree looks like.


Or, ideally, after A comes D directly. D' representing changes from A to B, B to C and C to D.


Is this possible? if yes, how?

This is a fairly new project so has no branches as of now, hence no merges as well.

Answer Source

git-rebase(1) does exactly that.

$ git rebase -i HEAD~5

git awsome-ness [git rebase --interactive] contains an example.

  1. Don't use git-rebase on public (remote) commits.
  2. Make sure your working directory is clean (commit or stash your current changes).
  3. Run the above command. It launches your $EDITOR.
  4. Replace pick before C and D by squash. It will meld C and D into B. If you want to delete a commit then just delete its line.

If you are lost, type:

$ git rebase --abort  
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