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Creating a 'Ajaxified' Form Field Type

In my application I've got a couple of form fields with many options. The problem I experienced is similar to this question: getting and parsing all options at every page load is expensive (Twig renders all options over and over again while no client side caching possible). That problem made me create a way to send the options via AJAX to the browser. Fairly simple approach:

  1. Get all options (key-value) via AJAX (for example by getting /countries.json) and cache if possible. (in this case it's not very likely country names change very often)

  2. Use selectize, select2 or a similar plugin to insert the options into the DOM.

  3. Enjoy a faster Form :-)

To prevent Symfony from querying all options (not necessary: they're loading via AJAX) I added
to the
when the form is loaded (by adding an option via the controller). Yes, that's kludge. When submitting a form it will still perform a query, because it has to verify if the selected option exists (and check for Constraints).

I would like to create a custom Form Field Type that adds this functionality to the current
: don't load the options while rendering the form, but still check if the selected option exists. I found many examples related to dynamically modifying a form, but I haven't found examples related to modifying just one form field, independently of it's parent form.

How do I create a form field type like this? What's a good starting point? Extend
or an other approach?

I'm already using Symfony 3.1, so using lazy loading of form choices (New in Symfony 3.2) won't be a problem. Not sure if this new feature is related to my problem.

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I wrote a bundle (Alsatian/FormBundle), which does what you want on the server side.

  • How to avoid loading each entities by each form rendering :

    abstract class AbstractExtensibleChoicesType extends AbstractRoutableType
        public function configureOptions(OptionsResolver $resolver)
  • How to populate the form field with cached content :

That's your owwn logic, I would suggest : create a controller which only returns (as HTML) :

<option value="1">Option 1</option>
<option value="2">Option 2</option>

In the controller set Maxage :

* @Route(...)
* @Cache(smaxage=64000)
public function getOptionsAction(Request $request) // Home
    $choices = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager()->getRepository //....

    return $this->render(/*...*/);

Use javascript to load this url and to put the html result in your select field.

If you are using something like Select2 : Your Controller can also return the options as a JSONReponse(), then you can load this JSON directly from the select2 ajax option (see bundle documentation, that's how I use it).

Get the sumitted choices in a Form::PRE_SUBMIT event (also PRE_SET_DATA if you use your form to edit), and reinject these choices to the field.